The Perfect Fry

Fried foods are good foods. Would you believe me if I told you I have spent the year of 2016 thus far developing a recipe for the perfect French fries? No, because that's crazy (and a s***ton of fries). But here on this blog, we believe that fries are the one thing that cannot be … Continue reading The Perfect Fry

How to Get The Best Saturday Morning Pancakes

Everybody loves pancakes. I have never met anybody who said they didn't and was telling the truth. The words hate and pancakes do not even belong in the same sentence. And I owe it to my love of pancakes to write up this post for anybody who's looking to take their pancake game from 0-100 … Continue reading How to Get The Best Saturday Morning Pancakes

Pizza Dough and How Yeast Works

Greetings friends, Romans, countrymen! Seeing as this is a food/science blog (NOT a food science blog, there's a difference) I figured that it was probably time for me to actually write a science related post. But don't worry, it's still food related. So today, let's talk about one of the fundamental pieces of the greatest … Continue reading Pizza Dough and How Yeast Works